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GeO Gospel Choir

Choosing to have music at a funeral can be incredibly powerful and personal.  It’s no secret that music provides comfort and healing, and that's no different at funerals or memorials.  However, at such a difficult time, choosing the right music can be a painful and confusing task.  GeO Gospel Choir know this only too well and offer a bespoke funeral package to celebrate and honour your loved ones.


Choose songs that reflect the person’s life and will help friends and family grieve and celebrate your beloved.  Songs can provide comfort at a time of great difficulty, and can make people feel closer to a lost friend or family member.

GeO Gospel Choir

By selecting songs that had great personal meaning to the deceased, you can offer a powerful and moving memorial to that person.  Music can compel in ways that the spoken word cannot, and the familiarity of a well known song can make a moving tribute even more special.


Think about the tone you want to set for the service, or for the different parts of the memorial.  Will it be formal or more modern?  Do you want a sense of quiet reflection and meditation or a celebration of life?  These distinctions can help you focus on the music that best suits.  A few popular requests with GeO Gospel's signature twist include “Arms Of An Angel”, “Amazing Grace” and “Dancing In The Sky”.

GeO Gospel Choir
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